What is Lobbying and Why it is Important

When it comes to politics some people just want to dodge the topics and move on. Politics are not worth wasting our breath and emotions on. Yet, politics are important, so we have to think about them and react to the things happening in our world, for our own sake and that of the generations to come.

That leads to the topic of lobbying, a topic with which many people are unfamiliar. Lobbying is the practice of pressuring the government to make some changes, often necessary, sometimes very selfish. Here are a couple of reasons why it is important.

Making Lobbying Legal – Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995

In the United States, lobbying is legal and quite important. With the Disclosure Act of 1995, all lobbying had to be done through a lobbyist, a person who has to be certified for their job and serves as an intermediary. This is just part of the things that were changed. All lobbying has to be disclosed, meaning that the sums and reasons for the lobbying had to be made known to the public, which allowed everybody to participate, leading to the next point.

Lobbying is also a legal way of influencing the government in the United Kingdom.

Everybody Can do It

This is probably the most important reason why lobbying should be made legal in most parts of the world. Everybody should get their vote, literally. Minorities might not get their vote due to the overwhelming support for a certain thing or person being voted for.

On the other hand, add lobbying and they might be able to get something changed, something which benefits them. It is a way of making sure that democracy remains a democracy.

Access to Higher Power through Lobbying

No single person can actually change something within a law or has access to it, at least in a functioning democracy. Lobbying can grant people access to a power outside their reach, which is a great way to start making changes, particularly when things need changing. Lobbying is a very sound strategy of changing things in the United States and even the United Kingdom.

Change is Necessary

Not all regulations and laws are as they should be, in most countries of the world. Where lobbying is legal, people have the opportunity to bundle together and push for a change. This is important because we can all attempt and succeed at making something better.

Lobbying is an important practice in influencing the government to make the changes the people deem necessary. Legal in the United States and the United Kingdom, it is a crucial part of democracy that enables it to keep working as it was intended.