What are the main lobbys in UK ?

Lobbying is the process of advocating for an interest that is impacted by the decisions of legislators. The practice of lobbying is done by interest or individual groups. There are several lobby groups in the UK that advocate for various interests, such as animal rights and welfare, food, abortion, religion, health and much more.

The main lobby groups in the UK include:
Animal Aid

Animal Aid

Animal Aid was established in 1977; it advocates for animal rights in the UK. Animal Aid campaigns against several forms of animal abuse, for instance, use of animals for medical research and consuming of animals as food. It also encourages people to be compassionate. It also investigates and exposes all forms of animal cruelty.

Confederation of British Industry

This is a business organization based in UK that represents 190,000 businesses across the country. It comprises of about 200,000 members in total. The members include several universities, companies, and public bodies. Confederation of British Industry is considered the largest business lobby group in UK. Its role is to promote business interests by advising and lobbying governments. It also networks with other business and creates intelligence by complying statistics and analyzing government policies.
campaign for better transport

Campaign for Better Transport

This is an advocacy group. It was formed in 1972 by several unions that represent railway workers. The group promotes better rail and bus services in the UK. It also advocates for supportive policies that will lead to less expenditure on building roads. Campaign for Better Transport represents the views of other several groups that are concerned with the impact of transport infrastructure, such as, environmental and conversation groups.


OutRage is a UK group that advocates for the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexual and transgender individuals. The group believes that LGBT people have equal rights as any other person. OutRage seeks to end violence against LGBT people, homophobia and to affirm the right to sexual choice and freedom.
38 degrees

38 Degrees

38 Degrees was established in 2009 by several activists who are concerned about the state of democracy in UK. It is an independent and non-profit organization that advocates for a wide range of issues. They campaign for peace, fairness, preservation of the planet, human rights and democracy in the UK.


Amnesty is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 1961 in London, UK. The group has more than 7 million members across the globe. The main objective of Amnesty is to carry out research and to prevent abuse of human rights. Amnesty group also seeks to demand justice for individuals whose rights have been abused. Amnesty works by mobilizing the public to pressurize governments that allow abuse to take place. It draws attention to the abuse of human rights and promotes compliance with international standards and laws.
Population matters

Population Matters

Population Matters was established in 1991 by David Willey and several others who were impelled to act because the UK government failed to address issues regarding population stability and growth. The group is concerned about the effects of population growth on climate change, environment, natural resources, quality of life, biodiversity and sustainability of life. It advocates for the provision of sex education, better rights for women, family planning and encourages couples to have smaller families. It also puts pressure on the government to put policies in place that help reduce teenage and unintended pregnancy. Other issues that Population Matters campaigns for is balanced migration for purposes of sustainability.

Electoral Reform Society

Electoral Reform Society was founded in 1884; it is the oldest lobby group that is concerned with electoral and political reforms. Electoral Reform Society advocates for improvements and reforms to public elections and representative democracy. Electoral Reform Society is a fond of commenting on various aspects of public participation, democracy, and representation in the governance of United Kingdom.
UK Youth

UK Youth

UK Youth is a lobby group that was founded in 1911. It promotes national programs that facilitate several opportunities for young people. UK Youth is a charity group that comprises of forty youth associations across the United Kingdom. The national programs facilitated by UK Youth are delivered locally and are supported by several corporate. UK Youth main areas of concern include campaigning for youth work, youth participation, and education. The core objective of UK Youth is the development of young people by providing training and effective programs.