Top Lobbying Industries in 2019 – Industries Which Spend the Most on Lobbying

Lobbying, the legal way of getting things done, but one which still leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths for some reason. Why is that? Why is lobbying considered to be something bad? Well, mostly because money is spent to influence decisions of people in various positions, political most of the time. 

Plenty of people result to lobbying, and even though it is not something illegal, it is often thought of with a frown on one’s face. There are plenty of industries which result to lobbying, not just individuals.

Among the top 20, would you believe it, you will not find casinos or bookmakers. Sure, some casinos and bookmakers will result to promotions and promotion codes, like these promotion codes for Ladbrokes, but other than that, they don’t even break the top 20.

Speaking of which, here are the industries which spend the most on lobbying.

The Pharmaceutical Industry – Including Health Products

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who knows anything about the pharmaceutical industry. If they are good at something, that is placing their products on the market and selling them. Their overall yearly expenditure is almost 4 billion dollars, coming up short only 63 million dollars.

People often consider this industry to deal only with drugs and medications but that is not the case. This industry is often connected to healthy products, namely dietary supplements. Some products are worth spending lots of money on lobbying, especially if you take a look at the annual expense across the industry.

The Insurance Industry

There is nothing like a bit of insurance which can go a long way, especially if you end up cashing up on a minor accident. While people expected pharmaceuticals to be at the top of the list, insurance was not among the expected industries, yet there it is, sitting at 2 billion and 700 million dollars, which, to be fair, is an entire billion and then some less than the pharmaceutical industry’s expenses. Insurance apparently has to pay for lobbying, and not just people cashing in on it.

Electric Utilities and Electronics Manufacturing Industries

While these are two separate industries, they sit relatively close to one another in terms of annual expenses. While electric utilities pays around 2 billion and 353 million dollars annually, the electronic industry pays around 2 billion and 230 million dollars annually. One hundred million dollars is a lot, but when looking at the entirety of an industry as a whole, the sum becomes insignificant.

The electric industry spends money on waste storage and air regulation while the electronics industry spends money on anything from cybersecurity to copyright.


These are but some of the industries which partake in lobbying. The other, in order, are Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Distributing, Education, Hospitals, Investment Companies, Telecommunication, Real Estate, and so on and so forth. Almost any industry will spend money on lobbying when necessary, but the above-mentioned ones are the top spenders.