The most influential lobbyists in US

LobbyistsLobbyists have daily battles to help shape each and every element of the legislation that Congress decides to introduce and also all the policies that the federal government hands down. There are thousands that aim to be the most influential in their profession but to do that they really need to demonstrate their ability to actually have an influence on the Congress.

Who are some of the most influential lobbyists on The Hills List?

Mitch Bainwol

Mitch Bainwol for the Alliance of Automobile Manufactures is the main peanut in the packet that has represented all automakers since 2011 in Washington. He was able to assist the industry to overcome a bumpy road after many reputable companies had to issue a number of recalls.

Mitch Bainwol

Mark Baker

Mark Baker is the representative for Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He has 37 years experience in the profession and this experience helps him raise the profile for flight veterans in Washington’s General Aviation when it comes to the considerations for new funding in the Federal Aviation Administration.

Mark Baker

Meredith Attwell Baker and Jot Carpenter

Attwell and Carpenter are the representatives for the CTIA – The Wireless Association. There busiest time in the year is when the fall and winter seasons come around. The industry is closely monitored when they prepare for auctions and reform bills.


Michael Beckerman

Beckerman is the representative for the Internet Association and he is the representative for many companies such as FanDuel and Uber.

Michael Beckerman

Kenneth Bentsen Jr.

Bentsen Jr is the representative for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. He is the one that that has kept SIFMA in the running for a number of financial fights. He also led the charge against the White House for new retirement plans and rules.

kenneth bentsen

B.Dan Berger, Brad Thaler and Jillian Pevo

Berger, Thaler and Pevo are the representatives for the National Association of Federal Credit Unions; it is there job to make sure that the credit unions remain a part of the table to debate issues surrounding the financial sector, especially the decisions involving regulatory issues and legislative issues.

Other Lobbyists

  • John Bozella representing Global Automakers
  • Tom Buis representing Growth Energy
  • Kevin Burke representing the International Airports Council of North America
  • Nicholas Calio or the Airlines for America
  • Kateri Callahan for the Alliance to Save Energy
  • Robert Cresanti for the International Frinchise Association
  • Dan Danner for the National Federation of Independent Business
  • Richard Deem for the American Medical Association
  • Bob Dineen representing the Renewable Fuels Association
  • Chris Dodd for the Motion Picture Association of America
  • Thomas Donohue and R. Bruce Josten for the US Chamber of Commerce
  • Calvin Dooley for the American Chemistry Council
  • Marty Durbin representing Americas Natural Gas Alliance
  • Martin Edwards for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
  • John Engler representing the Business Roundtable
  • Camden Fine for the Independent Community Bankers of America
  • Alex Flint representing the Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Geoff Freeman for the American Gaming Association
  • David French for the National Retail Federation
  • Lee Fuller representing the Independent Petroleum Association of America

Most of the people that represent certain sectors in the country need to be on top of their game to make sure they make their point heard and that their points are taken into consideration. It is a good day for any lobbyist if their point is ruled in favour for a particular sector. It is a competitive industry and you need to be in top form to win your debate against other candidates.