The 3 Biggest Corporate Lobbyists

Saying that the Internet changed the way we live is an understatement. It has given us the opportunity to do, see, or learn things that were once unavailable to us. And now we have access to plenty of different information that can either entertain us or even change the way we think about the world as a whole. 

So, while some people use the Internet to head over to their favorite online casino and use the Betfair Promo Code to play online games, others dig for more information about some of the world’s greatest companies. Some of you might wonder why someone would waste their time on information that they don’t need. Well, simply because the rules seem to be different for these big companies, and sometimes they are even allowed to break basic human rights or endanger the environment to have things their own way. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the 3 worst corporate lobbyists that have been receiving special treatment from different governments and that need to be exposed as soon as possible. 

Carbon-Trading Industry

It’s no wonder that carbon trading has been treated differently than other industries considering that the market has been estimated to have a value of more than 300 billion dollars. Operating under the Kyoto Protocol, big corporations are being given the right to pollute (for which there is a certain price, of course). However, there are those industries within the EU that have obtained free pollution permits. This means that they can pollute as much as they want and still profit from it. And this is where lobbyists played a major role. After 2001, when the EU emission trading scheme was in its first phase, major polluters took more free permits than they needed. However, in the second phase, similar things happened. When the permits were meant to be auctioned, the lobbyists complained that it would only result in carbon leakage somewhere else outside of Europe and that it wouldn’t be under control. 

Oil Corporate Lobbyists

The power that the oil lobby has in the US and outside of it has been well known for years. One of the biggest companies in the world (since they self-proclaimed themselves to be one), Koch Industries was involved in a big scandal when it was revealed this company was funding the Tea Party movement. 

Big Oil supposedly spent over 160 million dollars on lobbying in 2009. Moreover, they gave many millions more political support to candidates in the US. However, this wouldn’t be anything alarming (everyone is allowed to have sponsors, right?) if this same company hasn’t spent millions of dollars postponing the question of climate change. 

The Tobacco Lobby

For several years now, the tobacco industry knows that they are living on borrowed time. However, it seems that they are not willing to give up the fight even though they are losing. More than 5 million tobacco consumers around the world die every year, and in some countries, smoking is the greatest cause of lethal illness and premature deaths. 

Even though there is an overall shift in the world towards a healthier lifestyle, British American Tobacco decided that they should stick around a bit longer. They proposed that the risk of business loss is greater than the health risk, and the EU accepted their proposal.