Pro Sports Leagues Spend Millions Lobbying Washington

Sports are interesting, because they are, in the world that we live in today, a business first for some, and then prestige, social status, and then maybe the competitive spirit and actual sports. For sports lovers, that can be quite disturbing. 

Some sports lovers can get very offended when they hear what is happening behind the scenes with their favorite leagues and especially, what the higher-ups are doing. But, we should know what is going on within our sports leagues.

This is why it is important to know when lobbying takes place and why it takes place. There have been reports of millions of dollars spent in Washington, with leagues lobbying for this or that reason. Here is more on the story.

What are the Leagues Lobbying For?

This is something which is not easy to come by, information such as this. According to multiple inquiries, the NFL, for example, has lobbied the most for the category of Sports. Now, that could mean a lot of things, but it is mostly to do with the benefits for that league. It is safe to assume that most leagues lobbied for the same reason when it comes to that category. But not all the things on the list are as altruistic as they might seem.

Communications and Broadcasting

This is a rather important part of sports. What are sports for if nobody can see them? Most sports exist and are as important as they are because there are fans who love the sports and follow the leagues vehemently. All the US major leagues are invested in broadcasting and making the best possible deals for their sports. 

With the rise of streaming, even sports streaming, that had to be included in the laws, and not everybody might have got the same treatment.


This was a very painful part of American sports, particularly after the 1992 PASPA act which was found to be unconstitutional. Gambling and sports betting have always been a part of sports some like to ignore while others have to have in mind.What the lobbying could have been for, is a discussion of its own, particularly when it comes to gambling.

Labor and Antitrust

When it comes to employment and contracts, sports leagues can be good to some players and really bad towards others. Contract hell exists and players have been burdened multiple times throughout history. Some have been locked in bad contracts while others have had the time of their lives without actually performing.

This could be beneficial towards the players, but it also could not.

Lobbying is a difficult topic to digest, particularly because many people automatically assume the worst when they hear the word. When it comes to sports, lobbying in the United States was hopefully done for the right reasons, the sports, the players, and the future.