Most Powerful and Influential Companies in the World

There are some companies that rise to such heights that they are not only the best in their line of work, but are also strong enough that they can influence the way policies are made and enforced on the international stage.

Imagine companies that are so powerful that when you do anything, like browse the web for the Videoslots welcome bonus, they not only manufacture your device or software on it, they know what is likely to come up in search results and what ads you are going to see and they are fighting hard to get more room and more leeway in the legislation of different countries in order to get more power. Let us examine some of the corporate giants that are at the top.


Apple is definitely one of the strongest brands on the face of the planet. In the not-so-distant-future, we may be looking at the world’s first privately owned trillion-dollar company. It is not a young company, either – Forbes proclaimed it was among the most influential companies of the last 25 years, and that was in 2012. The company is run by CEO Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs, the founder and a bit of a religious icon among Apple fans. The company faced criticism in the past for allegedly slowing down the phones whenever a new iPhone comes out in order to boost their sales.


If you expected the list to contain nothing but the western companies, think again. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the biggest bank in the world. It is run by the country of China and its net worth is reportedly over $4 trillion. Its influence transcends the continents, as it is not present only in Africa and Antarctica.

China Construction Bank

Another bank in China, China Construction Bank Corporation was founded in 1954. claims that the bank reached 23,222 billion yuan in 2018 or over $3 trillion. Reportedly, there is a branch of the bank in Shanghai staffed almost entirely by robots.

The company is also known for a number of controversies surrounding it, including financing Enron and being fined £33.32 million by FSA in the UK for failing to protect over $5 billion that belonged to their clients between 2002 and 2009 in the merger between J.P. Morgan and Chase by mixing the client funds with corporate funds.


One of the biggest tech companies in the world was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. The tech giant that stands proudly at the top, Google is famous for its browser Chrome, the Android OS, and being synonymous with searching for something online. Its net worth is estimated at over $320 billion, while its parent company Alphabet is worth more than $900 billion. Its influence is so strong that several of its pieces of software and services are banned in certain countries and regions, including China, Russia, and North Korea, where the areas in question have alternatives to Google or a limited number of Google features. The company has control over a large part of what is visible and invisible online.