Lobbying Through Virtual Reality

The uses of Virtual Reality expanded immensely in the past couple of years and today these immersive technologies are infiltrated into almost every part of our lives. People love using VR to play games, travel without leaving their home, watch sports and even bet on their favorite teams. Just like Paddy Power promo code 2019, which offers great promo codes you can use, VR can make our experience of sports betting much more enjoyable. However, VR is not used only for gaming and sports betting – it is also an amazing device for advocacy.  

How can VR be used for lobbying? 

In today’s world, lobbying is almost inevitable in any political system. Until recently, it used to refer to influencing the decisions of the government, as well as the votes of legislators, usually face-to-face. However, with the development of technology and the rise of virtual reality, lobbying is becoming much more versatile and easier. When it comes to advocacy, the most complicated part is describing how people feel. Well, with VR, you don’t have to describe anything, you can simply show it. It is truly a very useful tool you can use to put people in others’ shoes and make them view things from a different angle. 

In which areas can VR be used?

VR comes very usefully in any situation where you need to appeal to people’s emotions. That means that it can be used for everything from journalism to social justice issues, where feelings play an enormous part. When it comes to fighting for human rights and social issues, such as poverty, discrimination, or inclusion, we have a greater chance of influencing legislation and changing the existing laws if we have a strong power over people’s feelings. VR also proves very useful in organizing charity events and fundraisers as they have a greater chance of success if people care more about them. Animal rights activists have already used VR in collaboration with the European Parliament to combat the meat industry’s complaints. They used the technology to show people exactly how meat production looks like and proved that they hadn’t been making any false accusations of the meat industry. Even the UN uses VR to tell compelling stories and inspire the viewers. 

Virtual tour of the lobbying world

Besides using VR for lobbying, there are also virtual tours that expose lobbying that the public is usually not aware of. In cases where lobbying happens behind closed doors and far away from the eyes of the public, the outcomes usually aren’t in our favor. This kind of lobbying can result in big corporations, backed by politicians and officials, becoming more powerful and bigger, and civil society groups being defeated. Because it has so much power. lobbying needs to be transparent and controlled, and this is easily done by exposing it using VR. These virtual tours, such as The Corporate Lobby Tour of the EU, help inform people and bring awareness to the lobbying world.