Interesting Facts About Lobbyists

We learn and we improve. Sometimes, we have no clue about the many things that there are in this world. One of the things that evades us is lobbying. This is considered to be bribing by most people who have had no information about the topic. The act may seem similar, but the fact is that lobbying is legal and that it is one of the best ways for the people to start making changes that they consider necessary.

What you don’t know, you should learn about. Here are some interesting facts about lobbying and lobbyists to get you started.


Lobbyists are Money Raisers

Lobbying is very closely walking the line between legal and illegal. Lobbying is basically giving money to people who have political influence with hopes of swaying their opinion your way. Of course, this is not done directly. You cannot transfer money to their bank account.

You can make a part of a fundraiser for their cause, in which way you would end up giving them tons of money with the hope of them giving a vote or doing things that would scratch your back. 

Most lobbyists work hard to raise a lot of money because making senators and officials look your way is anything but cheap. 


Lobbyists Strive to Change Laws – Not Always for the Better

This is a very tricky part of lobbying. When you have influence and are a gigantic company or even worse, a bunch of them, you can pour money at an official and basically purchase their life and more. This means that the companies doing the lobbying can write the laws as they see fit, given how much money they have invested in a good cause. 

More often than not, these laws are about making business easier for them and worse for the environment. Lobbying is not always about altruism, but also about profit, even if it damages the world around us.


Lobbyists Tempt Officials with Job Offers

This is a rather problematic issue that keeps happening. Lobbyists often bribe officials with very lucrative job offers. When the officials decide to retire or change jobs, they then have a 7-digit job waiting for them, and all they had to do was listen to what the lobbyists wanted them to do.

Some lobbyists would say that by doing so, they would start owning the officials, and every desire would be fulfilled. This can be very bad because as we know, not all companies are altruistic.


Lobbyists in the Shadows

To not dive into any conspiracy theories, it is estimated that there are probably twice as many lobbyists working without actually being known as lobbyists. That means that the profit and income that goes the politicians’ way is much larger than estimated, or rather, disclosed. As to why some people are working in the grey zones, would require a topic of its own. 


Lobbyists can have lots of power and sway the opinions of officials and politicians alike. They have lots of power and these are some interesting facts to help you understand lobbying.