Equine Industry – What is It and Does it Need Lobbying?

Horses are lovely animals that most people enjoy seeing and riding if they get the chance or overcome their fears. Horses are used from being work animals to being training horses and finally, for horse racing. Some are used for breeding, some are kept as pets, though most people know of horses through horse racing.

Horse racing has always had a close tie to horse racing betting, one could say that they developed hand in hand. Most punters now bet online, since they have various offers among which they can find the Best Cheltenham Betting Offers. The equine industry, also known as the horse industry, however, is lacking in most parts of the world. It needs development and it needs it rapidly. But, what is the horse industry and does it really need political lobbying? 

Let us take a deeper dive.


The Horse Industry – A Brief Overview

Like most industries, the horse industry follows similar patterns. It is a relatively organized entity that features all things equine, but firstly agribusiness related to horses, as well as all leisure activities that relate to horses. 

There are many businesses that relate to horses and horse care, some directly, some indirectly. Such businesses are horse care, horse feeding, veterinarians, clothing, education, equipment companies, and so on, and so forth.


What is the Purpose of the Horse Industry?

Like most industries, the horse industry has a singular purpose, to organize and standardize horse care and all things equine-related. The problem with horses is the people. Horse-care ranges from horses being treated very poorly to becoming overly-fed pets due to their caretakers’ lack of knowledge.

The horse industry should aim to make horse care standardized in a way that will make everything better for the horses. In some countries like the US, some horses are protected by the Horse Protection Act of 1970, which makes animal abuse illegal. Animal abuse should be illegal in any case, but this at least protects some horses, legally.


Does the Industry Need Lobbying?

Well, shortly, yes. Every industry could do better, but when it comes to horses and all things equine, most industries are doing better. The horse industry should focus on improving their situation, firstly from a legal standpoint, and then by making sure that their own house and yard are in order.

With legal backing, animal abuse could be eliminated, at least to the point where fines would send people into debt for the rest of their lives, while horse care would be better, with a better-organized industry leading the way.


What Should the Industry Lobby For?

Most countries’ roads are not made for both equine traffic and regular traffic. That should be one of the first things to correct, as well as make sure that the animals are properly cared for. Proper accommodation and nutrition should be enforced, not to mention proper care from a psychological standpoint.

Horse racing should be addressed with more care and attention to detail. There should also be many changes to horse racing, but this would be a longer topic for another time.


The horse or equine industry is a collection of economical activities related to all things equine. The industry could do better globally so lobbying is recommended to get things started.