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Gov. Janet Mill’s Veto on Online Sports Betting

Governor Janet Mill has vetoed the bill that would make sports betting legal in Maine, which would have made it the 14th state to legalize the hobby. This means that, so far, it is still illegal to bet on horse races, football, and other sports online. Though not covered by the bill, Americans in Maine …

The Issue of Lobbying in Sports

Lobbying has been mentioned time and time again the news during political debates, especially in the UK and the US. For a common person, lobbying is the root of many legislative evils, while for corporations, it is a legitimate way of doing business and making sure the business in question remains lucrative for the foreseeable …

What is the legislation about lobbying in the USA ?

The citizens’ right to speak freely in order to influence petitions and decisions made the government is known as lobbying or advocacy. This activity is a very important right and also a crucial organ of the legislative procedure. Ever since its conception, the industry has since generated a strong powerhouse which has expanded dramatically.

The most influential lobbyists in US

Lobbyists have daily battles to help shape each and every element of the legislation that Congress decides to introduce and also all the policies that the federal government hands down. There are thousands that aim to be the most influential in their profession but to do that they really need to demonstrate their ability to …

Where does the term lobbyist come from ?

Lobbying is the deed of trying to manipulate decisions made by government officials mostly legislators or members of authoritarian agencies. The people who perform the act of lobbying are known as lobbyists. They can be individuals in the private sector, organized groups, corporations, advocacy groups or even fellow government officials.

What are the main lobbys in UK ?

Lobbying is the process of advocating for an interest that is impacted by the decisions of legislators. The practice of lobbying is done by interest or individual groups. There are several lobby groups in the UK that advocate for various interests, such as animal rights and welfare, food, abortion, religion, health and much more.